What Is the TIEL Institute?

The TIEL Institute offers a uniquely balanced approach to learning and teaching that addresses the requirements of 21st century education. Teaching for Intellectual and Emotional Learning (TIEL) brings together the thinking and social emotional components that lie at the core of 21st century learning and teaching. The TIEL Curriculum Design Wheel represents five fundamental thinking processes needed for successful learning and five social-emotional characteristics we want all students to develop.


Who Can Benefit from TIEL Institute Services?

The TIEL Institute offers individual learning support for students, educational workshops for parents, and professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators.

When those involved in the education of a child understand the intellectual and social emotional components of learning, they are better able to support the child in meeting his or her educational goals.


The TIEL Institute helps


Students become self-organized learners, taking more responsibility for their own learning

Parents connect more effectively with their child’s education

Teachers plan curriculum and instruction that teaches thinking and helps students develop positive social emotional characteristics

Administrators provide leadership that supports an intellectually rich and social-emotionally safe environment in which teachers can help students develop thinking processes and qualities of character to their fullest potential.